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The Boy Who Cried Wolfie is the thirty-third episode of Season 1 of Bunsen Is a Beast, which premiered on December 20, 2017 on Nicktoons.[1]


Bunsen's best beast friend, Wolfie, comes to visit Muckledunk and has his eyes and stomach set on Mikey.


Bunsen tells Mikey that his friend, Wolfie, is visiting them, hoping that they would get along. Wolfie comes out a sewer hole and surprises them. Mikey is terrified at first. Wolfie then greets and does the secret beast handshake with Bunsen. He then greets Mikey and gives him $48. Just then from a mailbox, Amanda and Beverly spy on them. Amanda's plan was to dish out evidence on Wolfie that he's a menace to Muckledunk, hoping that it will drive Bunsen out of town. Beverly becomes spooked, asking Amanda to mail her home. Amanda hopes her plan was a success, noting her only flaw was that a sinkhole would sink them, which it does. Beverly lampshades this, so Amanda refuses to mail her home.

At the Beast House, Mikey and Wolfie were rearranging Bunsen's body parts. Bunsen is glad they are getting along yet can't see them. Wolfie gives Mikey another gift that he claims as "before-shave" (actually barbecue sauce). Mikey squeals this being better than $48 and dips some on himself in hopes of attracting ladies. Wolfie tries to give Bunsen his eyes back but "slips". The eyes escape and Bunsen chases after them but not until he hits the wall. Mikey then sees that Wolfie is trying to eat him. Bunsen comes back and sees those two hugging. Mikey shivers from the experience. Wolfie claims that Mikey was tense so he hopes that they could go on the hot tub for relaxation (in hopes of marinating Mikey). Bunsen then sets up the hot tub.

Outside at the hot tub, Bunsen asks Mikey if he's having a good time. Mikey still chatters. Wolfie offers to turn up the heat to warm them up. Amanda and Beverly, on a cherry picker, still spies on them. Amanda couldn't see them from the binoculars, so she asks Beverly to move direction but tumbles. Amanda complains to Beverly about her directions. Beverly claims that that's next semester and she's very young. As she claims nothing's gonna stop her, she also mentions another sinkhole possibility, which sinks them yet again. Wolfie then sets the heat signature on the hot tub to "LUNCH". Mikey becomes more sweaty so Bunsen gets out to get some more refreshing lemonade. Wolfie them chops some carrots to the tub, and in a menacing voice towards Mikey, "CHOWTIME!" Bunsen returns with the lemonade and smells something delicious. Mikey tries to tell him though Wolfie puts his chef hat away. Bunsen then assumes that they are still bonding as ever before asking about the carrots in the tub. Wolfie then gives himself away by answering that he was in the mood for Mikey soup. Bunsen slaps him with a rolled newspaper in anger. Bunsen asks why. Wolfie responds with serving Mikey on noodles with a side salad. Bunsen was ravished but was still shocked. He tells Wolfie not to eat Mikey. Wolfie becomes ashamed that he really likes Mikey but has never met a human before, unexpecting him to be delicious while imagining him as a hot dog. He then cries of losing control. Mikey then offers to help him of his degenerate behaviors.

Back at the living room, Bunsen calls Wolfie a sick beast, hoping the film would cure the canine of the degenerate behavior. Bunsen pops a projector from his head showing "Beast World Board of Health Presents: Don't Eat People!" That narrator shows a beast named Chester who's walking an old lady across the street. Chester was at war with his urges and then eats the senior. He then realizes how insane he was and the old lady uses her cane to escape. Film ends. Bunsen hoped that the film cured Wolfie but the wolf swallows Mikey. Bunsen calls him out on this again, but gets busted by cellular evidence by Amanda. Amanda reveals herself behind the projector but Beverly falls down the chimney on her. With the photo of Wolfie eating Mikey, Amanda claims that she has the evidence she needs to drive the wolf and Bunsen out of Muckledunk. Mikey doesn't know what's happening so Bunsen pulls him out of Wolfie's mouth. Bunsen tells Mikey that thanks to the photographic evidence, he would be forced to leave town. Mikey cries at the notion and is gonna have to change his shirt. Bunsen cries that the day he thought his besties would bond would lead to this predicament. Amanda prepares to upload the picture but flirts on seeing Mikey change his shirt. Mikey tells Amanda that he'll die in this shirt. Amanda becomes mooted and prepares to end the friendship. Bunsen and Mikey cry. As Amanda prepares to upload the picture in slow motion, Wolfie protects Mikey and Bunsen's friendship by eating Amanda. As it turns out he's come to loathe the taste of humans after he released Amanda. Amanda finds that an unpleasant experience. Wolfie stated that she tasted worse than his grandmother's glorg loaf. Bunsen stated that his grandmother went to prison for serving that. Wolfie happily anounces that he's cured. Amanda then stops them by saying that she still has the evidence but Wolfie tongue grabs her phone and eats it instead. He finds it delicious. Amanda is upset at the loss but upon mentioning the sinkhole tries to dodge each and every single one but falls on the hole near Beverly. Beverly lampshades this and is gonna try to learn her directions but hits herself on the wall. Amanda becomes spooked at the eyes looking at her.

Back at the hot hub, Mikey, Bunsen, and Wolfie start singing but Bunsen agrees that even with the rekindled friendship, that song was horrible. Wolfie becomes hungry and puts out salt, spooking Mikey, but puts out a bowl of cellphones instead. Mikey is relieved and Bunsen points that at least Wolfie isn't a degenerate anymore. They cheer but Wolfie burps and causes a picture of Bunsen and Mikey as the episode ends.



  • The episode's title is a play on the title of Aesop's fable, "The Boy Who Cried Wolf".
  • The title also parodies the Invader Zim episode "The Girl Who Cried Gnome".




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