The Beast Day Ever! is a game playable on It was released on February 16th, 2017, before the series' official premiere.


Spend the day with Mikey and Bunsen in school, then hang out with them at home in Bunsen's wacky beast house and have The Beast Day Ever!

Beast Day Ever Checklist

In the game there is a checklist, which lists which tasks you have completed. Here is a list of them, and how to complete them.

  • Whoops Head Falls - Click on Bunsen in his house. There is a chance his head will fall off.
  • Selfie Hey! - Give Mikey or Bunsen the phone. They will take a selfie, unlocking this achievement.
  • Cloning Around
  • 100% - Complete every other task.
  • Young Love
  • Magic Hat Found! - Find the magic hat in Muckledunk School.
  • Bee Wrong
  • Bee Right
  • Woof?
  • Keep the Doctor Away - Find the apple in Muckledunk School.
  • Floating World - Click on the window in Muckledunk School. You have a 50% chance of seeing a floating castle.
  • Bee The Monster - Click on the window in Muckledunk School. You have a 50% chance of seeing a beehive. Click the hive, and a bee will fly out and sting Bunsen. He will briefly turn into a bee.
  • The General - Click on the door in Muckledunk School. The General will open it.
  • Flap Around
  • Dun Dun Amanda... - Click on the locker in Muckledunk School. The door will open and Amanda will be inside.
  • School Is Out!
  • The Bus Song
  • Solo
  • Postal Palate - Feed Bunsen the bills you can find in his house.
  • Neighborhood What?
  • Party Planter - Click on Venus. He will spit out some balloons and confetti.
  • Down, Boy! - Win a fight against Boodles.
  • Amanda At It Again - Click the window in Bunsen's house. The curtains will open and Amanda will be behind the window, taking pictures of Bunsen.
  • And Again - Click the shelf in Bunsen's house. The doors will open and Amanda will be inside.
  • Just Beet It - Find the beet and feed it to Bunsen.
  • Picture Picture
  • Mom Beets Yeast - Find the Beast Yeast and feed it to Bunsen, after you've fed him the beet.
  • Hello Dad! - Open the door in Bunsen's house. His father will open the door and offer Mikey and Bunsen candy apples.
  • Candy Goodness - Feed a candy apple to Mikey.
  • Home Beast Home



  • This is the first Bunsen Is a Beast game to be released.
  • This is reference a SpongeBob SquarePants episode and game The Best Day Ever.