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"Spelling Beast" is the seventh episode of Season 1 of Bunsen Is a Beast, which premiered on February 22, 2017.[1]


Bunsen proves bees are the best spellers when he turns into one and wins the spelling bee.


One morning, Miss Flap says that spelling contest will take place in school soon. Amanda wants to win, but unfair, so Mikey must learn to spell. Bunsen told him to be swallowed by Smork, but Mikey didn't like this solution. Mikey and Bunsen visited Darcy in her' house so they understood bees in best at spelling.



  • Bunsen saying there are three fours, two eights, and two nines might be a reference to the T.U.F.F. Puppy episode "The Spelling Bee" where The Chief says the exact same thing.
  • It is revealed that when beasts need to acquire more knowledge, they get swallowed by a beast named Smork.
  • It is revealed that Darcy's mom made handmade kids for her to not be lonely.
  • When a bee stings a beast, they turn into a bee.
  • The title card is similar to "Fright at the Museum" and "Tooth or Consequences".
  • This is the first time someone other than Amanda calls Mikey by his last name alone - in this case, Miss Flap.




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