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Sophie Sanders is a recurring character in Bunsen Is a Beast. She first appeared in the pilot, "Bunsen is a Beast!". She is Mikey's crush and possibly Amanda Killman's primary rival for his affection.

Physical Appearance[]

Sophie is much taller than any other student in her class and has long mullberry hair that looks like a comb at the ends, long eye lashes, a blue and white shirt over a darker blue skirt, and matching dark blue shoes.


Sophie is the pretty girl of the class, and, like Amanda, is somewhat of an airhead. She speaks with a valley girl accent, and also confused Bunsen for Mikey Munroe's dog even though she had been introduced to him mere minutes before. Besides this, she is typically very kind, and compliments Mikey for his bravery or selflessness whenever she witnesses him doing such acts. In "Beauty or the Beast"



Amanda Killman[]

Amanda and Sophie are likely romantic rivals.


Sophie seems to like Bunsen as well, complementing him to Mikey: "I like your dog."


Mikey has a secret crush on Sophie, and Sophie returns Mikey's affections whenever she sees him helping out Bunsen or something brave or heroic like that. In "Beauty or the Beast" She loves Mikey and in the end, becomes Mikey's girlfriend.

Background Information[]

  • Sophie is similar to another girl from The Fairly OddParents, another show Butch Hartman worked on, Trixie Tang, the crush of the main character, who is also much taller than the rest of her classmates, has almond shaped eyes, and returns the affection whenever she sees the main character doing the right thing. Sophie however does not seem to be rich or snobby, and is significantly less cold to the main character.


Season 1[]

International Voices[]

  • Greek: Μαρία Ζερβού / Maria Zervou
  • Serbian: Снежана Јеремић Нешковић / Snežana Jeremić Nešković ("Beauty or the Beast"); Сања Поповић / Sanja Popović & Марија Видаковић / Marija Vidaković (all other episodes)
  • Latin America Spanish: Montserrat Aguilar


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