Bunsen Is A Beast Wikia

(Muckledunk School; the bell rings, then a kid is shown about to eat a burger)

Bunsen: Are you gonna eat that? (Takes the burger and eats it)

(Then two students are about to eat a pizza slice)

Bunsen: Oh, that looks good.

(Then Mikey is shown reading a math book)

Bunsen: Sharesies! (Bunsen’s arm while unattached grabs the math book and throws it into Bunsen’s mouth and then eats it)

Mikey: Bunsen, you just ate my math book.

Bunsen: You weren’t eating it. It was just going to go to waste.

Mikey: Okay I looked the other way when you ate my pencil bag, but now I have to ask…what’s wrong with you?

Bunsen: I’m nutri-loading for my upcoming hibernation. Are you going to eat your geography report? (Bunsen grabs the geography report with his tongue and eats it)

Mikey: You said so many weird things just now.

Bunsen: Well, when a beast reaches a certain age, they hibernate. (Puts on a nightcap and holds a pillow)

Mikey: Wait what?! How long are you gonna sleep? All winter? A hundred years? Tell me it’s not a hundred years! (Pulls out two tickets for a rodeo) ‘Cause we have tickets to the rodeo!

Bunsen: I don’t know, it varies from beast to beast. My cousin Chunks has been asleep for fifty years. (Shows a photo of Chunks still asleep being used as a coat rack) We use him as a coat rack. Mikey, you met him. You hung your backpack on his hump.

Mikey: Fifty years?! Do you know how old I’ll be in fifty years?! I don’t ‘cause you ate my math book.

Bunsen: I didn’t think about it that way until you put it that way. (Throws off his nightcap and pillow) I don’t want us to be apart! (Hugs Mikey)

Mikey: (Bunsen stops hugging Mikey) And I don’t want to hang my backpack on you, Bunsen. There’s gotta be some way out of this.

Bunsen: Well, there is one way, but it’s as crazy as all get out. In fact, it’s near impossible. If (Stretches out one of his arms) this is possible and (Stretches out his other arm further) this is impossible, it’s (Pulls out a third arm) much closer to (Points close to the tip of his arm that shows impossible with the third arm indicating it’s almost impossible) this.

Mikey: Oh just say what it is!

Bunsen: I can break the hibernation cycle if I stay awake past midnight.

Mikey: Gah! But our bedtimes are 9:30! 10:00 on the weekends! It’s a bridge too far! But you’re gonna get through this, and I’m gonna help you. Together, we’re gonna chart the dark, mysterious unknown that exists after 10:00 pm. Bunsen, you and I are gonna stay up until 12:01.

(Dramatic music sting)

Bunsen: Sorry, that’s the sound I make when I burp up math book.

(Another dramatic music sting; Bunsen burps up the geography book)

(Bunsen’s house; nighttime. A clock is shown that reads 9:59)

Mikey: Bunsen, it’s 9:59, and we’re wide awake. (Bunsen and Mikey are shown sitting on a couch) We are masters of the night!

Bunsen: We bad. We’re going to make it to 12:01 no problemo. At this rate, I could stay up until 12:02.

Beastly Bird: Cuckoo! It’s your bedtime! 10:00!

(Bunsen and Mikey then suddenly get tired and yawn before nearly falling asleep, they bonk into each other, startling each other awake)

Bunsen: Uh oh, we’re less bad than we thought.

Mikey: Aw, this is gonna be hard, Bunsen. But I know what to do to stay awake. We’re gonna listen to the loudest metal band in the universe, The Scream-A-Lots. (Shows the Scream-A-Lots on his phone) Nobody can sleep through this. (Plugs his phone into the speakers)

(The Scream-A-Lots music can be heard played really loud on the speakers. The loud music also causes the whole house to shake. The two beast statues plug their ears while a moose like beast head puts on some headphones while a beast with giant ears in a picture rips out their ears. Bunsen is then shown yawning as the music is still going.)

Bunsen: Night-night. (Goes to sleep)

Mikey: How can you sleep through this?

Bunsen: Metal music is a lullaby for beasts. (Mikey turns off the music then Bunsen wakes back up) My mom used to play me the Scream-A-Lots when I was a baby. That, a strong cup of coffee, and a scratchy blanket would put me right out.

Mikey: You’re such a weirdo. I’d miss you so much if you hibernated.

Bunsen: Then HELP ME! I don’t wanna end up like Chunks! (Chunks is shown still fast asleep)

Mikey: Okay, new strategy: We’ll knock back (Pulls out two soda cans) some Dr. Fitz’s Frazzberry Fizzy Fitness Drink. It’s a natural health drink that scares your body into staying awake.

(So Bunsen takes one of the Dr. Fitz’s Frazzberry Fizzy Fitness Drinks and then they chug them down, thunder rumbles as Bunsen and Mikey turn red with wide pupils)

Beastly Bird: Cuckoo! It’s 10:05!

Bunsen: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Bunsen and Mikey: Let’s name everyone we have ever met while jumping on the couch! (They throw away the empty soda cans and begin jumping on the couch)

Mikey: Dave!

Bunsen: Nick!

Mikey: Hannah!

Bunsen: Other Hannah!

(Bunsen and Mikey are then shown jumping around all over the place)

Mikey: Chunks!

Bunsen: You don’t know Chunks.

Mikey: I mean’t a different Chunks.

Bunsen: You know someone named Chunks too? (Hits the ceiling)

Mikey: Oh wait, his name is Stewart. (Hits a chair and bounces off it)

Bunsen: (Back on the couch again) And lastly, the guy who always says, “Hey, you!” and then I say, “Hey, you!” back!

Mikey: I know that guy!

(But just then the energy wears off and Bunsen and Mikey get tired again and fall off the couch)

Mikey: Oh, it must be past midnight now.

Beastly Bird: Cuckoo! It’s 10:06!

Mikey: No! That was an epic Dr. Fritz’s Frazzberry Fizzy Fitness fail!

Bunsen: Mikey, I could barely stay awake during your sentence. If we’re going to beat this thing, we have to do something crazy.

Darcy: Hi guys! (Bunsen and Mikey both scream) I brought another one of my home school cheese inventions.

Bunsen: Mikey, we’re in luck. That sounds crazy.

Darcy: This is my, “Stay Awake by Sticking a Big Ol’ Hunk of Stinky Cheese in your Face” machine.

Bunsen: Okay, I almost fell asleep during that sentence too.

Darcy: Here’s how this baby works: When you start to nod off, your chin hits this lever, which releases this ball, which rolls down this chute, and then a lever shoves this hunk of super stinky cheese right under your nose! (Sniffs the cheese)

Bunsen: Pee-yew, what died and made that cheese? This is gonna work!

Darcy: I love cheese! (Eats the cheese) Oops, we need more cheese. That happens every time. Bye guys! (Takes out a grappling hook and flies upwards) Whoo-hoo! (Breaks the ceiling)

Mikey: Well, at least that killed some time.

Beastly Bird: Cuckoo! It’s 10:07!

Bunsen: Only a minute went by?! Oh, something’s wrong with time. (Yawns and falls asleep)

Mikey: (Shakes Bunsen awake) Wake up, buddy! (Falls asleep)

Bunsen: (Shakes Mikey awake) Wake up, Mikey! (Falls asleep)

Mikey: (Shakes Bunsen awake) No you wake up! (Falls asleep)

Bunsen: (Shakes Mikey awake) No you wake up!

Bunsen and Mikey: This is hard! (Bunsen yawns but Mikey shakes him)

Mikey: Bunsen, think! Is there anything scary that keeps you up at night?

Bunsen: Uh…giants, anything two-headed, people who play ping-pong alone, and, of course, the scariest thing of all is…

Bunsen and Mikey: AMANDA!

(Cut to Amanda’s house where she is sleeping. Bunsen and Mikey sneak in but opening a window.)

Bunsen: All we have to do is get Amanda to tell her one of her evil plans to destroy me, and that’ll keep me up all night. (They enter) Oh no! She’s hibernating too!

Mikey: I wish, but she’s only asleep. She can’t scare you like this.

Amanda: (Talking in her sleep) Marry you, Monroe? Don’t mind if I say, “I do”.

Mikey: (Screams) Okay, she’s scaring me. I’ve never been so awake.

(Amanda kisses a drawing of Mikey on her pillow in her sleep)

Amanda: (Mumbles) Don’t run away…

Bunsen: Oh, should we wake her up, Mikey? (Mikey is gone) Mikey?! (The window is open)

Amanda: (Still talking in her sleep) And Munroe, when we have kids, we’re naming them all Amanda. (Kisses the same drawing on her pillow)

Bunsen: Eww…(Rushes off)

(Back at Bunsen’s house…Mikey and Bunsen are sitting on Bunsen’s bed holding their eyes open)

Mikey: Bunsen, it’s after 11:00. I don’t know if I’m gonna make it to 12:01. My fingers are tired from holding my eyes open.

Bunsen: My fingers aren’t just tired, they’re asleep. (Shows his fingers which literally are shown with sleeping faces on the fingertips.)

Mikey: (Groaning) I’m getting (Rolls his eyes) loopy. (His eyes turn back to normal) We’re not gonna make it! (Hysterically laughing)

Bunsen: I might fall asleep till your fifty with three kids named Amanda! Our friendship will be destroyed!

(Both Bunsen and Mikey begin hysterically laughing)

Mikey: (Still hysterically laughing with Bunsen as he is rolling around on the floor) Who names all their kids Amanda? (He and Bunsen continue hysterically laughing) Are we awake or are we dreaming?! I don’t know what’s real anymore.

(Darcy breaks in through the roof tied to a rope holding a piece of cheese)

Darcy: Hi guys! (Both Mikey and Bunsen scream) I brought another hunk of stinky cheese. (Eats the cheese) Oops! I ate it. Back to the all night cheese store. (Swings back up to the ceiling)

Bunsen: Well, that definitely was not real.

(Knocking is heard at Bunsen’s bedroom door)

Bunsen and Mikey: Come in! (The door opens and the Beastly Bird comes in)

Beastly Bird: Cuckoo! It’s 11:55!

Bunsen: Oddly, that was real.

Mikey: We’re so close, but I’m so tired. And I tried so hard!

Bunsen: Face it, Mikey. It’s over. Staying up till 12:01 is IMPOSSIBLE for kids our age.

(Both Bunsen and Mikey fall asleep and bonk into each other which wakes both of them up)

Bunsen and Mikey: Ouch!

Mikey: Ooh, I got it, Bunsen! Your internal clock! All we have to do is set it ahead to 12:01. That way, your body will think you stayed up past midnight, and you won’t have to hibernate.

Bunsen: Amanda wants to kiss you. (Laughs; puckers his lips at Mikey then stops)

Mikey: I better hurry up and do this.

(Mikey opens up Bunsen’s chest which shows his internal clock, which is a digital clock that reads ‘11:57’ with a calendar and a keyboard at the bottom.)

Mikey: Whoa, what happened to your clock? It’s so complicated now.

Bunsen: I got an upgrade. (Points at the calendar in the upgraded internal clock) It came with a calendar feature.

Mikey: Okay, well, I’m just gonna push some buttons and hope for the best. (Clicks random buttons on the keyboard) And…

(Mikey presses another button which makes it beep, then the digital clock reads “ERROR” with sirens blaring, and the sirens wake up Bunsen.)

(Clocks move around with a bell chime and suspenseful music, Bunsen is shown as a baby with a pacifier. Bunsen takes out the pacifier.)

Baby Bunsen: (Babbling)

Mikey: Okay, I might have done something wrong. Let me try the clock again.

(Clocks move around with a bell chime and suspenseful music, Bunsen is shown as a teenager with rock music playing in the background.)

Teenager Bunsen: Nobody gets me. (Takes out his phone and types) #NobodyGetsMe.

(Clocks move around with a bell chime and suspenseful music, Bunsen is shown in the shape of a fried egg.)

Mikey: (Screams) I turned you into a fried egg!

Larva Bunsen: I’m a larva. I haven’t been born yet.

(Clocks move around with a bell chime and suspenseful music, Bunsen is shown as an old man.)

Elderly Bunsen: You kids get off of my lawn!

Mikey: Uh, sir, I mean, Bunsen, I think I broke your internal clock.

Elderly Bunsen: Well sonny, I mean, Mikey, you sure did. And there’s only one way to reset it. Sadly, I’m going to have to hibernate. But first, I need a bran muffin.

Mikey: Are you sure?

Elderly Bunsen: I think I’d know if I needed a bran muffin.

Mikey: Yeah, we’re moving on from the bran muffin. I’m talking about the hibernation thing.

Elderly Bunsen: I’m sure about that too. I’m 97. I’ve been around the block, young buck.

Cuckoo Clock Bird Beast: Cuckoo! It’s 11:59! (Bunsen yawns)

Mikey: Well, I guess this is it, buddy. (Mikey tucks Bunsen into his bed) We fought the good fight, but the sandman won.

Elderly Bunsen: I’ll miss you, uh…

Mikey: Mikey.

Elderly Bunsen: Mikey.

Mikey: Yeah, well, I’ll miss you too, Bunsen. (Starts to tear up)

Elderly Bunsen: Will you play me a lullaby?

Mikey: Sure thing buddy. (Plays the Scream-A-Lots on his phone, Bunsen smiles and closes his eyes.) I’ll be waiting up for you no matter how long it takes for you to wake up. (Gets tired, yawns, then falls asleep, close up to Elderly Bunsen sleeping)

(Clocks move around with a bell chime and suspenseful music, Bunsen is back to normal and wakes up.)

Bunsen: (Jumps up) I waked up!

Mikey: (Screams) Wait a minute, you were only asleep for a second.

Bunsen: I know. Like I said, every beast is different. I guess that’s how my hibernation rolls.

Mikey: This is the best day ever! The nightmare’s over! Except for the one I’m gonna have about Amanda kissing me. (Groans in disgust) Let’s celebrate!

Bunsen: Yeah! I’m ready to party!

(But both Bunsen and Mikey fall asleep due to fatigue, then Darcy breaks in through the roof again with more cheese)

Darcy: I brought more stinky cheese! (Eats it) Oops, I’ll be right back.

(Darcy swings back up to the ceiling as Bunsen and Mikey are still asleep; ending the episode)