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"Snooze Alarm" is the forty-second episode of Season 1, premiered on December 28, 2017 on Nicktoons.[2]


Mikey attempts to keep Bunsen up past his appointed hibernation time.[2]





  • When Bunsen is burps up a math book or a geography book, a dramatic music sting plays.
  • Rock music, a strong cup of coffee, and a scratchy blanket puts Bunsen right to sleep.
  • Hibernating can reset Bunsen’s internal clock.
  • Hibernation varies from beast to beast.
  • The Scream-A-Lots are heard in this episode but it is unknown who voices them.


  • When Bunsen was turned into a larva, he could speak English and he claims to not be born yet. This is impossible because unborn humans can’t speak English in real life.


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