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Wait, what?
— Miss Flap

Miss Flap (aka Ms. Flap) is a character in Bunsen Is a Beast. She is the teacher of Bunsen, Mikey and Amanda's class at Muckledunk School.


Miss Flap is very warm and outgoing. However, she is shown to be clueless at times at the fact that she is supposed to be a teacher. Her behavior is very eccentric and at times very surreal.


Miss Flap wears a pink shirt with a purple tie and a lavender skirt. She wears white socks with purple shoes. Her hair is burnt orange.


International Voices[]

  • German: Daniela Hoffmann
  • Serbian: Валентина Павличић / Valentina Pavličić (some episodes); Ана Симић Кораћ / Ana Simić Korać (all other episodes)
  • Greek: Μαρία Ζερβού / Maria Zervou
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