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Mikey-plication is the twenty-fourth episode of Season 1 of Bunsen Is a Beast, which premiered on June 17, 2017.[1]


To make time for their band, Bunsen clones Mikey so his clones can run all of his after school clubs.


This episode starts with Bunsen wanting to practice in Mucklefunk with Mikey. Mikey tells Bunsen he can’t because he has to attend his different clubs: Time Travel Club, Conspiracy Theory Club, Superheroes Club and Hipster Club. Then he says he would want to clone himself. Bunsen says that Mikey is silly, then actual Bunsen pops up and tells him “Have you met my clone?”. Then, he tells the clone to leave and tells Mikey he can clone him. He agrees, and Bunsen shoots an orange-liquid looking thing at Mikey. He says that it’s dark and it smells like cheese, to which he likes. Bunsen clones Mikey to make Nerd Mikey. Then Bunsen clones him again so there is Hipster Mikey, Paranormal Mikey and Superhero Mikey. Hipster Mikey asks them if they like his beard with finger quotes, and Mikey tells him that isn’t ironic. Superhero Mikey says he can fly and he will save the world, and Mikey and Bunsen just respond with “No, you can’t” or “No, you won’t”. Paranormal Mikey just overreacts.

Next, Mikey and Bunsen are practicing for Mucklefunk, when Bunsen tells Mikey he will beatbox. He literally beats a box. Then, Mikey tells him he actually is. So they make a song about Pete the Crossing Guard. Then



  • "Mikey-plication" is a pun on the word multiplication.
  • The episode's title card is reused from "Tooth or Consequences", although a different background pattern is used (of multiple Mikeys).


  • The caveman band Earth, Wind, and Rocks are a reference to the 80's band Earth, Wind, and Fire.



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