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Extending Eye Lobes, or Eye Lobe Extension, is one of Bunsen's Powers. It is first used in Bunsen Is a Beast! (episode) and seems to be one of Bunsen's favorite powers as it is used in multiple episodes.


Bunsen uses Eye Removal (On Lobe) while extending the length of his eye lobes. He often uses this Power to see things above his head, Shape-shift, or just have have fun.

Similar Powers[]

  • Eye Removal (On Lobe)
  • Eye Removal (Normal)
  • Shapeshifting
  • Hypnosis
  • Changing Eye Pattern


  • Bunsen's eye lobes can extend to at least thirty times longer than his own height, as seen in Bunsen Is a Beast! (episode) and Body and the Beast. However, he rarely extends them that much.
  • Bunsen occasionally uses this power when he is screaming in terror or shock.