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BunsenScreamsForIceCream 109 "My what-cense?"
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[The school bell rings. Mikey and Bunsen are walking out of school.]
Mikey: Bunsen, as your official guide to the human world, I'm gonna show you the best thing ever.
[Poorly recorded music plays in the background.]
Bunsen: Oh, is it the distant sound of poorly recorded music?
[An ice cream truck stops by the school.]
Mikey: Yes, it's the ice cream truck! That's what I wanted to show you.
Bunsen: Slow down, mister. I was good with just the poorly recorded music.  What is this ice cream you speak of?
Mikey: It's a delicious frozen dessert.
Bunsen: On the snack scale, would you rate it above or below feathers?
Mikey: People don't eat feathers.
[Bunsen is eating a feather.]
Mikey: Above.
Commander Cone: Greetings Earth kid and whatever you are. I'm Commander Cone. Ohh. Who wants ice cream that's totally out of this world? I can't believe they make me say that. It's so lame!
Mikey: Two Rocky Road Rocket Pops, please.
Commander Cone: Houston, we have an ice pop. What's happened to my life? I used to have a girlfriend!