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Bunsen Is a Beast! is the first segment of the first episode of Bunsen Is a Beast, which premiered on February 20, 2017.[1]


Bunsen attends his first day of human middle school in hopes of proving that beasts and humans can happily co-exist, but trouble ensures when he drinks beet juice.


Bunsen's Dad drops his son off at Muckledunk School and tells him not to be nervous about his first day. Bunsen assures him it's no big deal. However, as if right on cue, Bunsen is interviewed on Action News 2 and Bob says "It's a very big deal here in Muckledunk, where beasts have moved in and the first beast student ever is attending middle school,". Ken adds that beasts and humans have had problems commingling. Bob recalls that, earlier in Tokyo, a giant monster tried to destroy their city, but Ken assures Bob it was just a movie. Bob asks Bunsen if they should run for their lives, given that beasts eat people. Bunsen assures him there's no reason to be afraid of him, as he's just like them. "Except I blast confetti from my head spout when I'm excited!"

Once Bunsen enters his classroom, the teacher, Miss Flap, introduces him to the other students. She then asks if anyone would like to show Bunsen around, right before we hear a horn off-screen. Flap picks this kid, who introduces himself to Bunsen as Mikey Munroe, for the job. He tells about how the feuding Muckle and Dunk families formed together to form their town, Muckledunk. Bunsen is excited for Mikey to show him around the human world. The excitement is cut short however, when Amanda Killman declares that humans should not hang out with beasts like Bunsen. Mikey defends this by giving Amanda a caramel candy. Unfortunately for Amanda, the caramel sticks to her braces. Amanda is angry that Mikey exposed her weakness, and vows to stop him and Bunsen "IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!" Bunsen thanks Mikey for saving him and hugs him with his eye lobes.



  • This is the first episode of the series, and the series' official premiere.
  • This episode reveals that Muckledunk was formed in 1805 by the feuding Muckle and Dunk families.
  • This is the only episode to not have "Bunsen is a Beast in: ..." in the title card.
  • It is revealed that Bunsen has four rows of teeth.
  • It is revealed that Bunsen cannot eat beets or else he'll transform into a giant creature that eats people.


  • Mary Poppins - The woman sitting on the bench in the park resembles Mary Poppins.


  • When Mikey gives Amanda some caramel, she gets mad at Mikey, and trips over her own saliva on the ground. After, there is a close-up on Bunsen thanking Mikey, but when the camera zooms back out, Amanda and her saliva on the ground disappear.
  • Despite the plot being about Bunsen proving that beasts and humans can happily co-exist, it's actually about Bunsen's first day of school going fine, but trouble ensures when he drinks Beet Juice.
  • During the last scene of the episode, Bunsen's tail seems to be attached to his hip.
  • Possible: After eating beets, Bunsen says that he is turning into a monster despite already being one.
  • Possible: Bunsen roars multiple times in this episode, however, he doesn't rip the fabric of space time.


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